PARAGON | For Zebedee Management

I was recently commissioned by Zebedee Management to create an editorial celebrating the diversity of their female models for International Womens Day. 

It’s probably been one of my favourite projects to date and features some incredible women. It was an honour to work with you ladies. The fashion and media industry are changing but there’s still a long way to go…

Concept & models: Zebedee Management

Hair and make up artists: Jenn & Kelly of JennEdwards & Co

WE ARE THE MANY | Behind the scenes on Election Day

I’m sat in a Social Club in Sheffield surrounded by Christmas decorations, campaign leaflets, home made cake and more than a hundred of the kindest most hopeful humans I’ve ever encountered. Their positivity cuts through the grey skies and ice cold drizzle that blasts you as soon as you open the doors.  They are heading out in teams to ‘get out the vote’ reminding people to go to their polling stations and chatting to last minute undecided voters.

It really is a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by so much hope.

I’ve been documenting the day for Labour candidate for Hallam, Olivia Blake. I wanted to show just what goes into this, what good honest everyday folk pour into the efforts of winning your vote. Everyone here just wants a fairer society for us all, since becoming a parent in January I want this more than ever…

Please use your vote, and, whoever you choose to vote for, vote with confidence, vote with pride in the party that you support, don’t let it all wash over you, get involved, get interested, it’s YOUR future that’s being decided



For The Many | The Day Before with Olivia Blake

It’s the day before the most important election in recent years. I’m at Campaign HQ with Hallam’s candidate for Labour Olivia Blake documenting everything and everything in the final push before tomorrows election. 

This post will be updated throughout the day, for press use please call me on 07446213131

Book Cover Photography

Since having my little girl in January this year I’ve been focusing on building my image library with my agency for Book Cover Photography. It’s a really fun area of photography to work in as it can be so creative and you have the freedom to create whatever you want. Building a decent library can be a bit of a long slog though and you often don’t see the results for a long long time as images can take quite a while to process into the agency systems. BUT there’s nothing like seeing your image on the cover of a book in the supermarket or at Waterstones!

Here’s a look at a small selection of the work I’ve made so far this year specifically for potential book Covers…

You can find my images available to license through Trevillion and Arcangel Images or if you’re interested in commissioning a shoot for a cover do get in touch!

If you’re a model interested in working with me on some of my book cover shoots drop me an email

Rain Rescues: Gorgeous dogs looking for their Forever Homes

One of my voluntary roles is with a brilliant small local rescue Charity, Rain Rescue, based in Rotherham, close to my home city of Sheffield. As well as a voluntary photographer I’m also the Chair of Trustees for this wonderful little charity.

They save hundreds of dogs and cats each year and as often as I can I visit the kennels to photograph the latest cohort of residents for their adoption profiles.

If you’re looking to adopt a new furry friend head over to their website to see who is currently available for adoption

Zebedee Management Portfolio Updates

Zebedee Management are one of my favourite clients. They are a wonderful Model & Casting Agency that work specifically with people with disabilities and visible differences.  I’ve met some wonderful people through my work with the agency, especially some of the children they represent.

Here are a few of my favourite shots from my most recent Portfolio Update Day at The Courtyard Studio

British Divers Marine Life Rescue 30th Birthday Conference

Recently I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the 30th anniversary conference for the British Divers Marine Life Rescue a charity that I first became involved with back in 2011 when Paul and I found an entire pod of stranded Pilot Whales out on the Kyle of Durness in the very north of Scotland. After the stranding I was so moved by the work of this incredible group of people that I decided to join their ranks and become a Marine Mammal Medic, I also decided to fundraise for them and in 2012 ran my first ever marathon (and actually my first ever run!) in Amsterdam and raised more than £1.5k  to help them continue their brilliant work.

I learnt so much from the talks, from practical tips for animal rescue to valuable research into population decline and threats currently facing our marine mammals, but the one thing that affected me the most were the talks about animals used for captive display. Thanks to organisations like the BDMLR we no longer have this industry in the UK but I know so many people who travel abroad for it, desperate to see dolphins and whales performing, but why? If you are one of the people who longs to swim with dolphins or get up close to a killer whale somewhere like Seaworld, ask yourself why?

Are you looking for a personal interaction with the animal? Because what you’re getting at a show like that, or at an orgaised ‘swim’ is not a genuine interaction, it’s repetitive learned (brainwashed) behaviour, for food. There’s nothing genuine about it. 

If you really care about these animals, see them in the wild, support their habitats and respect them, they are not here to entertain us, they are sentient, highly intelligent creatures. Looking into the eyes of the whales we worked so hard to save back in 2011 they seemed so human, they have more in common with us than we realise.

Don’t believe the conservation arguments, each animal taken from the wild has a direct impact on the population.  Individual populations of Killer Whales around the world are declining so fast, due to all sorts of human interactions that they’ll be gone within our lifetimes in this part of the world. Captive Display is about nothing but money, a lot of money, and if people vote with their feet there won’t be any money to be made and the industry will finally cease.

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