Would you like to see your work on the cover of a bestseller?

Mentoring For The Book Cover Market

I've been shooting images specifically for the book cover market for years and I offer mentoring for other photographers wishing to move into this section of the industry.

My work is featured on the covers of more than 500 books around the world  and I've picked up a lot of knowledge on the industry over the years.  I decided to make the move to being a full time book cover photographer in 2019 and the flexibility it affords me is priceless. I used to work predominantly as a wedding photographer shooting around 60 weddings per year and had so little time for life for the best part of the year.

Moving into the book cover market has given me back creative freedom and control, helped me to reduce my working hours to fit in with childcare, creates ongoing passive income and means that I have to deal with very little admin. No marketing or advertising, no clients and no deadlines and I absolutely love it!

If this all sounds good to you then read on, I'd love to help you start shooting for this market too either as a supplement to your other work or as a goal to move into it full time. Book cover photography works really well in tandem with seasonal work like weddings or another regular day job as you can do as much or as little as you'd like.

What I offer

Half day mentoring for the book cover photography market

We set up an initial online session and go through my whole process from gathering ideas to planning shooting and editing. This usually takes a couple of hours and I'll fill you in on all the tips and tricks I've learned over the years and give you plenty of pointers on what to go away and shoot/ curate for agency application .  

This is then followed by a portfolio review (usually a month or so later) of your initial submission to an agency.  Or if you're already with an agency a review of your library so far and identifying ways to improve, what to do more or less of. This portion I screen record and send you a video file so you have it to refer back to and watch/ listen through at your own pace.

I charge £350 to offer this mentoring on a one to one basis and have a limited number of 10 spots per year 

If you'd like to enquire please drop me an email

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