WE ARE THE MANY | Behind the scenes on Election Day

I’m sat in a Social Club in Sheffield surrounded by Christmas decorations, campaign leaflets, home made cake and more than a hundred of the kindest most hopeful humans I’ve ever encountered. Their positivity cuts through the grey skies and ice cold drizzle that blasts you as soon as you open the doors.  They are heading out in teams to ‘get out the vote’ reminding people to go to their polling stations and chatting to last minute undecided voters.

It really is a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by so much hope.

I’ve been documenting the day for Labour candidate for Hallam, Olivia Blake. I wanted to show just what goes into this, what good honest everyday folk pour into the efforts of winning your vote. Everyone here just wants a fairer society for us all, since becoming a parent in January I want this more than ever…

Please use your vote, and, whoever you choose to vote for, vote with confidence, vote with pride in the party that you support, don’t let it all wash over you, get involved, get interested, it’s YOUR future that’s being decided



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